Gain the Skills You Need to Feel Confident Carrying Your Firearm In Public

Rely on us for tactical firearms training in Monticello, St. Cloud & Minneapolis, MN

Sure, you could stand in place and shoot at stationary targets to improve your shooting skills. But that wouldn't prepare you for a real-life scenario. That's why Top Tier Tactical offers tactical firearm training in Monticello, St. Cloud & Minneapolis, MN. We'll help you develop the mindset and skills needed for real-life situations. Once you're done with our training, you'll be better prepared to protect yourself and your property.

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What will you learn at our advanced training course?

Our advanced training course will prepare you for all kinds of situations. You'll learn how to:

Safely draw and ready your firearm
Reload quickly
Clear common malfunctions
Shoot while moving
Engaging Multiple Targets
Use of cover/concealment

We'll give you one-on-one training to help you better develop your abilities. Get in touch with us now for advanced tactical shooting training in Monticello, St. Cloud & Minneapolis, MN.