Need help with a transfer?

Work with an FFL holder in Monticello, St. Cloud & Minneapolis, MN

It's hard to top the convenience and price of ordering firearms online. If you want help from a federal firearm license holder in Monticello, St. Cloud & Minneapolis, MN, turn to Top Tier Tactical. You can send the firearm or parts to us, and we'll help get them transferred to you. We can transfer your firearms for only $20 apiece.

Reach out now for more information about working with an FFL holder. We do not accept NFA items at this time

Learn about our simple process

As a Federal Firearms License Holder (FFL), we're able to buy and sell guns from our Monticello, MN location. This makes buying guns easy for clients like you. Our process is straightforward. You'll:


  • Pick a gun online from any seller
  • Send us the seller's email and order number
  • Receive notification once we've received the gun
  • Visit us to complete a background check and transfer process
  • Get your new gun from us




You'll need a permit to carry or permit to purchase for all handguns and military-style rifles. For more information about our process, don't hesitate to reach out to us.