Jose Serna is a professional and knowledgeable Chief instructor. Fair price and nice location for shooting.

Paul Teslaru

I received my certificate for the permit to carry. The classes great and very informative and they have an amazing Instructor.

Dominique B

Jose was an awesome instructor. Very knowledgeable and informative. Passionate about what he is teaching and has fun while doing it. My husband and I really enjoyed his class and highly recommend Top Tier Tactical.

Katie Ann B

Jose is very professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares that people who complete his course are well trained and educated by the time their done.

Brent R

Would recommend this course for anyone looking to get their permit to carry certification. Instructors were very knowledgeable with a lot of experience. Great for shooters at any experience level. The class flies by

Billy Z

Informative class instruction and awesome instructor. I highly recommend.

Carolyn G

Great class very knowledgeable instructors. Highly recommend this course to anyone.

Chauntel S

Awesome call and ready to answer any questions. Will be back

Mike B

Great day today! The course was very educational! Jose and Dan were both awesome at explaining very important safety measures to keep you and other safe. We would highly recommend this class to all!

Natalie Ann

Very nice people, works great with people who are not familiar with guns. Doesn't rush class, always open for questions.

Savannah M

Knowledgeable instructors class was great for anyone who shots a lot and or new shooters

Robert R

great class! highly knowledgeable instructor

Dan H

Jose is awesome, take the course and have a blast! 100% recommended

Jon K

Jose, I truly enjoyed your class today. I thought you were very knowledgeable and organized, even without your wingman. I will recommend your class to anyone!!

Jeff G